Have you ever dreamt of writing a hugely profitable ebook but you just don't know how to get started? Or have you started only to get frustrated and put it aside?

Finally All The Steps You REALLY Need To Know to Write A Profitable eBook Easily and Effortlessly Revealed In This Two-Part Teleseminar Download

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The key to writing an ebook that sell is to have the right information and knowing how to implement it in a systematic way.

This two- part teleseminar download will show you how to figure out the most critical steps that you MUST take before you write even one word of your ebook.  And knowing these steps will insure that your ebook can be profitable before you start writing it- not after you've spent days or weeks on it!

This teleseminar training will show you the secrets of  how to create huge amounts of cash flow on any subject by solving people's problems with “How-To” ebooks even if you can't write, don't know how to write, or hate to write. and that's the truth!

It's easy to find information about writing an ebook. But there's a difference between having information and having a process and a system that works, that will help you put all the pieces together and gets your ebook DONE and making serious money quickly.

In fact the word “system” stands for save yourself time, energy, and money and when you follow the 13 steps that I outline in these downloads, you'll be on your way to online internet gold before you know it!

You've heard the hype about writing ebooks-how anyone can do it in record time and make outrageous sums of money and you CAN if you know what you're doing.

And that means starting with building a foundation. Do this properly and the sky is the limit! Don't do it and you could spend all that precious time writing an ebook that goes nowhere!

The problem is most people don't know what they are doing. And there is so much information out there-some of it good, some of it not so good. But, I'm going to share the insider tips and tricks for writing ebooks from start to finish with NO LOOSE ENDS so you can start making money now!

Here's Just A Few Of The Ways
You'll Profit From
This Two-Part Teleseminar

  • It will remove all the guesswork, stress and headaches of writing and publishing an ebook
  • It will give you a super easy-to-follow step-by-step process so you don't get stuck, throw up your hands and give up!
  • It will give you all the information you need to get it right the first time so you don't have to back-track and waste time once the ebook is written-you will actually have a completed product when you are through!
  • It will keep you on track so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you write an ebook. You'll have more time to spend with your family, take more vacations, work on other projects that you have a passion for, work on your health or whatever you want to do with all that extra time on your hands - all while you make more money in less time, doing less work with ebooks!

And more!

Let's separate fact from fiction.

1. Anyone can write an ebook.

TRUE, But the key to creating profitable ebooks, is to make sure that you find a topic that appeals to a target market that is online, has money to spend, and can't wait to spend it to discover more about that topic! But, that's not the end of it, you need an attention-grabbing title and eye-popping cover. And for most people that takes coaching to get it right.

2. You can make money in just a few days:

True, but you need to have SYSTEMS in place to make money quickly. But, if you know how to use the Internet and you want to learn how to write an ebook quickly and easily and start making money,  then this CD.download set is for you!

Do You Ever Feel Like The
“Magic Step” Has Been Left Out?

Have you ever noticed that when you buy products, it seems like something's missing…..like they left out that magic one step that would really make a difference, if you only knew what it was? And, you're left scratching your head because the pieces just don't all fit together. Well, I've pulled out all the stops and told you everything you need to know to get started writing ebooks the right way without the stress, strain, and guesswork and start making money before you know it.

And with this special Clickbank offer you'll also bonuses including The eBook Journal of Authoring Success worth $27 alone! This organizer workbook will keep you on track and organized as it walks you through all the steps you need to write your profitable ebook.

It also gives you a place to record your font sizes and fonts, and all your other technical information so that each time you write an ebook you can refer back to your notes and you don't have to reinvent the wheel-which will save you even MORE time and energy.

Plus, it reduces the stress of looking for loose papers and not being able to find information you KNOW is there, you just can't see it under that big pile of papers on your desk! So this journal is a must-have!!

Here's Just Some Of The Powerful Strategies, Techniques
And Tips You Will Learn In This Content-Rich
2-Part Teleseminar Download Package:

  • How to come up with ideas that will create a “best-seller” in any niche
  • How to find people who are hungry for what you are writing about
  • How to strengthen your resolve to write your ebook and get it finished
  • Why you must “see” yourself as a published author
  • Why you must test your titles
  • How to turn a $47 ebook into a $247 product
  • How to create a blueprint that writes itself
  • The 6-step formula to writing ebook chapters that successful books follow
  • How to get your ebook done without writing or typing
  • How to use other people's material without stealing it
  • How to edit your ebook without paying for it
  • Why making your ebook perfect can cost you hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars
  • How you can get hundreds of website to do your selling for you without paying for advertising
  • Why you should convert your ebook to a traditional book and what you need to know to do it right

And more!

But You Don't Have To Listen To Me. Here Are
What Some of The People Who Heard These
Calls Live Are Raving About:

…”I thought your teleseminar was the best I've participated in yet and that means better than Shawn Casey, Jeff Paul, the Nitro guys and quite a  few others”……

Patrick (Pat) G Harrison

“It was probably the best teleseminar I have ever attended!”

Rosayln Fast

”Hi Ellen,

Wow what an action packed teleclass… I loved EVERY minute of it...the time just zoomed by…..and tonight you have given me the steps to organize it. I could hug you for that.

….I was so impressed with you giving a simple and realistic example of what a committed writing schedule would look like that I wrote it down on a card right then…..

I so appreciate your generosity Ellen in sharing such quality information…

You truly are the angel that people like me who have been overwhelmed and creatively blocked with holding their book in their head and in their heart instead of having it available on a web site where it belongs. Making money and helping people.

Thank you …for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I appreciate your teaching style...friendly, down-to-earth, helpful and genuine
with a generosity that comes with being confident. Your passion for what you do is shining all over me. I like that.”

Linda Storey
Everyday Choices Coaching
NLP Counselor, LOA Coach, EFT Practitioner


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(Bonus #1) Overcoming Obstacles To Writing An eBook, Audio, mp3. ($47 value) a 60-minute audio on overcoming the most common obstacles to writing an ebook. This audio will help you over the hurdles authors encounter when trying to write an ebook!

(Bonus #2) How To Write An eBook In 3 Hours Audio mp3
(value $47) Learn the insider secrets to authoring an ebook
even if you hate to write, don't know how to write or have never written before....guaranteed!

(Bonus #3) eBook Writing Fast-Action Workbook (value $27)
The eBook Authoring Journal will organize all of your notes, ideas, and information into one workbook so you won't be rummaging through scraps of paper and stressing out while you're writing your ebook! It also asks you questions that you need to answer to write you ebook and in the process it will guide you through it at the same time.

Guess How Much This Whole Package
Is Selling For?

If I were to work with you individually for two hours teaching you this stuff it would cost you over $600 and that's not counting the extra bonuses!  But on you are not going to pay $600.

You're not even going to pay $300.00 which is what it sells for on one of my websites...

…..you're going to be able to legally steal this 2-part teleseminar for only $97!

And You Also Get A 60-Day Iron-Clad
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If this teleseminar download doesn't take the guesswork, stress and headaches out of writing and publishing an ebook , if it doesn't give you a step -by -step process that's easy to follow so you don't get stuck…..if it don't give you all the information you need to get it right the first time so you don't have to back-track and waste time once the ebook is written to get it making money for you, then I don't want your money and I will give you a full-refund, no questions asked!

And in the unlikely event that you decide that this bundle isn't right for you…you still get to keep the incredible bonuses!

Yes, Ellen, count me in on this amazing offer with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

     I've read the money-back guarantee and     understand that you are taking all the risk. So I have nothing to lose. And, I can get a full-refund anytime within 60 days and keep the bonuses!

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